Thump Your Bibles!

Dear Friends and Fellow-Laborers
Greetings from sunny Mexico.  We are enjoying these days here in the late winter and early spring.  The Lord has, as always, been good to the Hendricks’ family and blessed us with spiritual and physical blessings.  Many years at this time of year the weather in the mornings are very cool and Easter morning is downright cold.  This year however the mornings are at about 50 degrees and the days are warming up to the mid 80’s. 
We also are enjoying Ben and Amanda here with us with their four children.  The house is no longer quiet and being alone is no longer an option.  Ben has been helping in the ministry of the church and the Bible Institute while he is learning Spanish.  On last Tuesday, because Teresia and I had to return to the border to do some permit requirements, he spoke in the mid-week service.  I understand that he was understood and that is great. 
The month of February was a really down month here at the Calvary Baptist Mission.  Everyone was sick and it seemed to stay in each family for weeks.  There was a lot of times that the Hendricks’ family were the only ones present.  However, March has brought wellness and good attendance.  I was the only one sick in March so far and it lasted for about 4 days.  I thank the Lord I did not have to miss a service at church but I did cancel one class of the Institute.  Ben has been teaching chorus on Monday nights and leading the singing on all service nights.  He is also offering individual voice classes and many have taken advantage of this opportunity.  Amanda translates for him in the individual classes.  The Pastoral Epistles classes are going very well.  Our numbers are increasing and the students are showing great interest. 
This Sunday is of course Easter.  I will be speaking on “Lift up the Cross”.  We will be sharing the Sunday services with the Independent Baptist Church of Aguascalientes, the Independent Baptist Church of Lazaro Cardenas, and the Independent Baptist Church of La Providencia.  Ben has been working with several churches on a cantata and Pepe is working with the drama side.  We will be at the property in La Providencia which is the camp Gilgal also.  It is a beautiful piece of property with a compliment of buildings adequate for our service of adoration to our Lord on the day of His resurrection.  I am also as a part of the Institute offering an English class on Saturdays.  This was more of filling a need in the job requirements of a student in the Pastoral Epistles class.
Teresia and I celebrated 37 years of marriage on the 19th.   This was the same time as our trip to the border and we were going to enjoy our few day alone.  However, this was the exact days of when I was sick and really sicker than I have been in years.  We had things we had to do and I struggled through that but was in bed almost the whole three days.  We thank the Lord for His watch-care and that I am now doing much better.  I do want to say as testimony to all that I would not be the man doing the work that I do were it not for the faithfulness of my wife over these many years.  She truly is a blessing to me and to the ministry here in Mexico.  I say many times whether in Mexico or in the states that people normally put up with me and love Teresia.  I understand.  I love her too.
We would ask you to pray for us in these months.  The monthly income has seemingly suffered somewhat especially in the last two months.  That which I received for March was low and so far for the month of April the trend seemingly has continued.  We would appreciate your prayers. 
May God bless you all richly as we consider the greatness of the power demonstrated in the resurrection and the realization that that is the power to free us from our sins.  Lift up the cross my brothers and sisters and show forth the power of God unto salvation to a lost and dying world.  To leave us with a comment from recent events I wanted to say Amen to a statement made recently in actuality meant to be a criticism.  On the argument for traditional marriage someone said that a multitude of arguments had been made for expanding the definition of marriage.  He stated that all the opposition had done was to “thump their Bibles”.  AMEN!  Lift up the cross.  Thump your Bible.  Therein is power.
In His Service
Tim and Teresia Hendricks