Planting & Harvesting

Dear Friends and Co-Laborers
January has offered us incredible weather and beautiful skies here in Aguascalientes.  The winter for us has been mild and we are grateful for it.  Teresia and I have planted some fruit trees here in our yard and this year some are to begin to produce.  The milder winter has given them a strong root system and did not freeze the limbs.  We are excited about our harvest.  We also have some 80 grape vines that should give fruit this year.  It is a marvelous thing to be able to see the fruit pods begin to bloom and then to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. 
This may seem not to be the information that one would expect from a missionary.  However, there is a purpose.  Teresia and I have been working for years to plant the seed of the Gospel and to cultivate a rich harvest here in San Pancho for the Lord.  It has been our desire to help build a deep root system with a broad base with a variety of harvest that will allow fruit to be harvested for years even after the Lord chooses to call us home. 
I have just celebrated 57 years of life this month and in March Teresia and I will celebrate 37 years of marriage.  We have now spent 22 years of that in Mexico where we have labored and have seen the Lord’s hand work in marvelous ways.  Some fields are producing all on their own, some have had time for strengthening and are ready to begin producing, and we have now seen seed take root and flowers are beginning to bloom on the fruit pods. 
The Trinity Baptist Church is strong and producing on its own.  Pastor Edgar is doing a good job and just recently was married and able to take full control of the church and all of its ministries.  The Bible Institute (The Oasis) is becoming stronger and the roots of learning and the desire to learn are deepening.  We are teaching chorus on Monday nights.  Ben Everson is here with Amanda and my grandchildren.  The people are excited about having them here and Ben is teaching the music classes.  I am translating.  We have about 23 students on Monday nights.  
He is also helping Hermano Pepe Valadez with an Easter cantata and several churches will attend on Easter morning.  He is also teaching music in another church-plant that is pastored by Hermano Pepe.  While here he is learning Spanish.  In the church Monte Carmelo on the other side of the the city of Aguascalientes we have about 10 to 12 students and they are studying with me Pastoral Epistles.  This is a study that I wrote and have used in various parts of Mexico.  Some may try to add the two groups together and come up with 33 or so different students.  Actually, the ten that are with us on Sunday night also come tot the Monday classes.  That is definite deepening of the roots.  
The Calvary Mission here in San Pancho has had some strengthening also.  We have been able to rent a building for our services and to put a new face on our desire to reach all of San Pancho.  As with our fruit trees, the last few months have given needed warmth and showers of blessings.  Cold days always come but for now we have seen some great growth in this season of good weather. 
We had 23 on our first day of services in the new store front.  Pictures of the building are onthe Taking Necessary Truths International Ministries facebook.
However, the increased ministry has brought to our attention needs of the ministry.  The $2,000.00 pesos ($160.00 dollars) per month is a great need.  The church is collecting some of that money in the tithes and offerings, and we take the money that comes in from the Institute to help offset the cost.  We are needing new hymnbooks for the churches.  They will purchase the books but the logistics of getting them to the border, going to get them, etc. is a concern.  We are to need between the various churches about 30.  This is an approximation.  We are using the Himnos Majestuosos from Majesty Music. 
We wanted to end by simply saying THANKS to all of you who have been a part of the ministry of TNTI.  We can not do and could not have done the things that we have been privileged to accomplish without you.  That also means that we will not be able to continue to do what we do without you.  Please pray that God will have His way and do His will here in Aguascalientes, Mexico, in these difficult but rewarding days.
In His Service
Tim and Teresia Hendricks