Today is Saturday, March 3, 2008, and on Monday Teresia and I will be
traveling to Honduras for the first time. We have prayed for not only an
open door but also the wherewithal to make the trip. On last weekend we
were offered a trip to Honduras that had already been paid for. We needed
the $300.00 to exchange the names on the ticket and $200.00 for other
expenses and personal needs. This was all promised within 36 hours. I
believe that the Lord has opened a door for us and has some specific desires
for this trip. I don’t know all that He has in mind but I know that TNTI
Ministries is set for the planting of local churches in the English and
Spanish speaking parts of our world. We have prayed for and now expect God
to open doors in order to fulfill the mandate that He has placed on our
hearts. There are other areas of the country that God has indicated to us
that we can go and be a help in the area of church-planting.
We will be in Tabasco, Mexico, with the opportunity to see some churches
planted in new areas in that state. We are excited about this door and
believe God is going to do something great there.
We will be in El Salvador the end of the year to see the work as it
progresses in Playa San Diego and the children in San Vicente. The clothes
that we sent to San Vicente was being held “ransom” seemingly by the customs
and they have continued to charge fees. I believe that the clothes are now
in the hands of the church but there is an additional cost of $400.00 that
they charged before releasing them. We do not have this and the church
borrowed the money to get the clothes from what I have been told. Please
pray that God would provide the money to replace what was sent.
These ministries are vital and we are praying that God’s people will feel
the burden to help. All of this is quite expensive and we simply do not
have the funds to step into every open door. We ask that you pray and that
you consider the need. I believe that the emphasis of TNTI is a new and
important direction for ministry and church-planting in the 21st century.
We must be mobile and capitalize on the success we have had for scores of
years and push the need of an aggressive church growth effort. We are not
emphasizing larger churches but more churches. This is a need all over the
world; in the USA and on the foreign field. I need your help to do all that
we can do for the glory of God and the expansion of the local church. I
believe that God is glorified as we go into all the world and preach the
Gospel, disciple, and allow Him to add to the church daily such as should be
Would you help us and pray with us that the power of God might be seen.

Tim Hendricks

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I woke up this beautiful Saturday morning and was thankful to our heavenly
Father for all of the wonderful ways that I can see His hand working in the
lives of the Hendricks family. It is good to be a child of the God of the
universe and know that I can go to Him and talk with Him and He wants me to.
I received communication from Pastor Caraveo in Tabasco, Mexico, and was
sent a tentative schedule of our trip there in May. We will be arriving on
May 10th and leaving on the 28th. Only on the 17th will we be resting. The
other days we will be in five different cities preaching the Gospel and
holding meetings on the church; church-planting, church growth and church
expansion. It is the pastor�s goal to start at least three new churches
from our efforts. Pastor Caraveo is a dedicated man who already pastors a
work of 120+ in Paraiso, Tabasco. He has recently started a church in
Comalcalco an is helping about 4 other new, small works in teaching,
encouraging, counseling and edifying. He is 50+ years old and works
constantly. Yet, here he is with a real desire to do more. He has about
$2500.00 to buy a vehicle because he does not have one and has asked me to
find one for him. I believe it will take a little more and the trip to the
border will be expensive but I am going to do my best to help. He needs a
�88-�92 SUV. A Ford or Chevy would be better for parts and repairs in
Mexico. If anyone knows of such a vehicle or would like to help in this
great need please let me know. My email is tim@tnti.org. Our cost for
going is about $1000.00 per person and we have five or six people going.
Please pray with us that God would provide this need. Donations are to be
sent to TNTI Ministries, P.O. Box 184, Mill Creek, PA, 17060. Please mark
them as �Tabasco� or �The Contender Fund�.
In Church planting one of the emphases that we attempt to teach is the total
participation of the congregation. I believe that I pay my debt to the
world by getting the Gospel into every ear or hand possible. I knock on
doors, give out tracts, speak to people in grocery stores, gas stations,
street corners, etc., in order to pay this debt. This is not enough though
to build a church. In Acts 2: 46, 47 we read ��and breaking bread from
house to house� And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be
saved.� It is my belief that we �build our churches� by getting into the
homes of people who are lost and opening the Word of God and leading them to
salvation and disciplining those who do get saved in order that they may be
baptized, taught and working members of the local church. It is a goal that
we try to put before the church that each family in the church ask God to
help them accomplish this in a year�s time. It then begins to spread with
the circle of influence of the church member and then sometimes reaches into
the other side of the city, another city, or another state. It is then the
responsibility of the church to expand itself and begin the process of
planting another church in that �local�. This is the emphasis of TNTI
Ministries. Please pray with us that God would bless and open doors in this
great ministry.


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Trip in May

Greetings to all

I wanted to write a note to all interested and to all who will pray for us
about our upcoming trip to Tabasco, Mexico. We will leaving on the 10th of
May this year to spend 10 to 14 days there in conferences. Our desire is to
see three new churches begun. We are working with Bro. Ignacio Caraveo and
his church in Paraiso. He is a pastor who has been active all of his adult
life in the preaching of the Gospel and the planting of new churches in his
state of Tabasco. We are truly blessed to have met this man and get to know
his heart. There will six to eight of us going and the cost is about
$1000.00 each. This is really cutting the cost to the bone and I would like
to take extra from the ministry to cover any overage. Michael and Matthew
will be going to help in these meetings. Jonathon and Alisha are praying
also about accompanying us. Jodi Burkholder and possibly a couple more from
Calvary Baptist in Simpsonville, SC, may go. Lord willing we will have
music, drama, film and the preached Word with which to minister. Please
pray that the Lord will bless abundantly.
Pastor Caraveo needs a vehicle to use in the ministry. He has about
$2,300.00 dollars. We have taken on the challenge of trying to find an
appropriate vehicle for him. He ministers covering areas some two and
one-half hours from his home and must use public transportation or hitch
rides when possible. He wants a 1987-1993 suv; Bronco, Blazer, etc. in good
condition to be able to take the road conditions he faces. I then must get
the vehicle to the border where he will come to transfer papers and drive it
the thousand miles to Paraiso. A four or six cylinder vehicle is necessary
because of fuel consumption and air conditioning as the weather is almost
unbearable. Please pray that God will provide. If you desire to be a part
of this please send your correspondence to TNTI Ministries, P.O. Box 184,
Mill Creek, PA. Assign it to “Mexico vehicle”.
Other needs that we have for this trip are a projector for the films and
future presentations of the ministry costs of travel for the group. We also
are planning trips to Honduras, Mexico, Puerto Rico and several churches in
the states to present this vital ministry. Please pray that the power of
the Spirit of God will be present in all that we do in 2007.

May God bless

Tim Hendricks

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Dear Friends and Laborers in the Vineyard

Michael, Teresia and I were together this morning, the 8th of January, to
begin to discuss and pray about the upcoming year with TNTI Ministries and
The Least of These. It was great to sit with my family and co-ministers and
to pray for God’s blessings on the goals of this year.
The first thing that we did was to set aside Romans 8:31, 32 as special
verses for the year. We are claiming these promises so that we might be
able to complete the will of the Lord in the year that He has given to us.
We are excited about the opportunities we have begun to receive. Today we
will be writing an email to a pastor in Peru. He has expressed an interest
in our ministry and thinks we might be useful in his ministry in that
country. We continue to receive evidence that the Lord is opening doors in
the country of Honduras. In May we will be in Tabasco, Mexico. Please pray
with us about this ministry there as our desire and goal is to see three new
works begun because of the need in Paraiso and Comalcalco. We will be
returning to El Salvador this year and trust the work in Playa San Diego
continues well and the children in San Vicente have had their needs met to a
small degree. Tim is also planning a trip to Puerto Rico. He would like to
speak to the student body of the need of new works all over Latin America
and our responsibility to meet that need.
I could go on and on with the needs of the ministry in stationary, prayer
cards, a proper presentation, etc. We greatly covet your prayers for us and
for the great open doors God is showing us.
May God richly bless you all in His service.

Tim, Teresia and Michael Hendricks

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Summary 2006


December, 2006
TNTI Ministries
P.O. Box 184
Mill Creek, PA 17060

Dear Friends and Co-Laborers in the Vineyard

It is our prayer that each of you experience a joyful Christmas season this
year. It is in Christ that our joy is full and at this time of the year we
try to remember this great truth. It is also our prayer that you and yours
have a tremendous New Year as you contemplate the open doors that God has
for you in 2007. May His richest blessings be yours.
At this time of year we want to share with you who have had a part by prayer
and gifts what has occurred in the past year and look forward to the
opportunities for the new year. I trust that you will rejoice with us at
the great things God has done and that you will pray with us in the new year
that these blessings will be multiplied for the glory of God and the
expansion of TNTI Ministries.
The purpose of TNTI Ministries is that as the local church grows, it should
be constantly be looking for the opportunity to reproduce itself creating
other local churches. It is our desire to encourage local churches to take
this responsibility seriously and to expand themselves in their own cities,
counties, and states in this great endeavor. Our first goal was to help
young men already called and trained to plant new works by going with them
and teaching them on the field of service how to do the work. Many times it
is hard to take the first step and to even know what the second step would
be. However, the Lord has opened a more effective door in these past six
years. He has opened doors into these established churches and He has
allowed us to teach the necessity, the opportunity of, and the how to of
beginning new works in their own vicinities. The testimony of 2006 is a
testimony of God�s open doors.

I have been visiting Chinampa since 2002 when we had the opportunity to
present a series of messages on �Starting New Churches�. In 2002, 2003, and
2004 we had the blessing of ministering in the Maranatha Baptist Church on
several occasions. In February we had the chance to return and speak in a
Leadership Conference they have every year. It was a blessing to see the
good folk there again. We greatly enjoyed our fellowship and we saw God
bless as some accepted Christ as their Savior in the evening services.
Pastor Ranulfo is now 83 and still pastoring the church. He is a great man
of God and has a desire to be used still in His service. He invited I back
in April for the anniversary of the church. Also, while in the conference
in February, we met pastor Ignacio Caraveo from Paraiso, Tabasco. Hen
invited us to come to Tabasco for evangelistic conferences in August. It
was pastor Ranulfo�s desire to see other works in his area that caused the
first invitation for us in 2002. What a great man! What a great time!
In April we returned to Chinampa and God blessed us tremendously as He began
to let us in on His direction and blessing in this area. Pastor Ranulfo and
several people from the church sat down with me and began to share what God
had done in the time since we were first there in 2002. Immediately they
began to pray that God would open doors to plant new churches. The next
summer 40 young people dedicated themselves to the service of the Lord and
the church decided to begin a Bible Institute. In 2004 the training was
begun in earnest and in April of 2006 there were seven new churches being
started in the surrounding area. What a blessing to our hearts. These
churches average around thirty and each are being lead by one of the young
men in the church and in the Bible Institute. They work and pay their own
way. Others go each week to help them in visitation and church services.
The main church in Chinampa is watching and caring for them as they grow and
at an appropriate time they will be fully Independent, Bible-believing,
Bible-preaching, local churches. Praise the Lord! Pastor Ranulfo has a son
and a son-in-law that in the ministry. His son-in-law, Nacho, pastors in
Linares and was present in the first conference. He also invited us to his
church where we encouraged them again in the responsibility we have to
expand the church by starting new ones. He now has begun a new work in his
area. WOW! What a thrill!

In May we had the opportunity to return to El Salvador. We went to Playa
San Diego with the Morningside Baptist Church. We had coordinated together
and with a church in San Miguel to start a new church in Playa San Diego.
We were returning to see the good work and to speak in other churches in the
country. It was a great trip. The church in Playa is growing and has a
pastor now ready to move into the area. The church was averaging about 100.
The great thing here is that there was no church preaching the Gospel and
about 90 to 95 percent of the members are new converts. These folks love
the Lord and just want to serve Him. They are looking for property and a
home for their new pastor. It is our desire that in the next year they may
be able to extend themselves and start a new work maybe in the capital city
of their state, La Libertad, or some other town nearby. While in El
Salvador we had the opportunity to visit San Vicente, the capital of the
state San Vicente. We were with Pastor Armando and his wife Juventina. It
was there that we saw the tragic results of the civil war that had occurred
in El Salvador and the devastating earthquake that happened in 2001. The
greatest tragedy was the children. Teresia was with me on this trip and her
heart was broken by the need. There were about 32 children in the church
that were not receiving adequate care in their homes because of the absence
of parents or parental supervision. We decided to do what we could and on
the 1st of December we shipped about 1,500 pieces of clothing to begin to
help in this need. The church there is doing a good job with the spiritual
needs and the majority of these children are saved but have a great physical
need. The clothing was mostly used with some new socks and underwear also.
We received $850.00 for shipping and through Men for Missions at Hampton
Park Baptist Church in Greenville, SC, these items should be shipped within
the first week of December to arrive before Christmas. God is good! What a
thrill it is to serve our God and to participate with you all in this great
work He has left us to do.

As I mentioned, I met Pastor Caraveo in Chinampa in February. I went to
Paraiso in August for a series of Evangelistic meetings. I was there 11
days and preached 18 times in 5 different churches. I was exhausted but
greatly animated by the work that I saw through Pastor Caraveo. His church
in Paraiso averages 120. A full-time pastorate anywhere. Yet he travels to
5 or 6 other churches with videos of Bible Institute classes and he mentors
the young pastors in these works. Some of these he and his church have
begun and others just simply need his experience and maturity in the work.
At least two of these works are more that two hours away in a car. He has
no car so most of the time he goes by the local bus system which takes all
day to go and come. We saw God work greatly as folks were saved and others
dedicating themselves to more faithful service. One 50 year old man who had
been hard and mean to his family came and was saved. It was the last night
in Paraiso and he did not want to leave and asked me to stay. He wanted
more of the Word. He then told me of his teen son who was following in his
own footsteps and asked that I pray. Three weeks later I was told that his
son was also saved and the both were baptized together. Praise the Lord!
Pastor Caraveo told me of his desire to start even more churches and asked
us to return in May of 2007 to hold a type of city-wide conferences in three
different cities with the purpose of beginning new churches in those areas.
He has saved people in each location and needs to see new works begun. Pray
with us about this new open door.

Michael has been burdened by the Lord to come alongside and help in the
ministry. He has surrendered to full-time service and will be traveling
with me and helping in the areas of music and youth outreaches. He is under
the leadership of his pastor, Dean Taylor and the Calvary Baptist Church,
and is following his direction in further preparation. We are excited about
this and pleased at the Lord�s leadership in Michael�s life. Please pray
with Michael as he gives his all to Christ. If you would like us to come
and present this ministry together we are available and can be contacted at:

Our web site is <www.tnti.org> . There you can see our doctrinal
statement, purposes, goals, and other information. You can also reach our
blog. We will use this for presenting news, short messages on missions,
review of trips and family information. You can also respond to anything on
that site and we encourage your participation. Please pray with us about
all the opportunities God is presenting that we might be able to step
through those open doors to greater service for Him.

TABASCO In May we will return with a team to hold these conferences in
three different cities. We are asking God for souls to be saved and that a
good base of families can be reached and churches begun there.
EL SALVADOR We need to return to El Salvador to check on the children,
to see the development of the work in Playa San Diego, and to investigate
the possibility of beginning a new work in that country.
HONDURAS We are working on several open doors in Honduras to see the
need and to open our hearts to the people of Honduras. These are viable
doors and we are praying for the provisions needed in order to step through
these doors. The first door is in March when we have the opportunity to go
with the Calvary Baptist Church in Simpsonville, SC, to minister. The need
is $2,500.00 for Teresia and I.
For the last two years we have had indications from the Lord that there is a
need that He wants us to have a part in meeting. Nothing has fully
developed to this point but the knocks on the doors are becoming more
frequent. Please pray that when God opens this door we will financially be
able to immediately respond.
This may seem odd since we don�t speak french but in truth we want to reach
the french-speaking people including french-speaking Muslims. Michael wants
to be in France in the fall of 2008 for a year of language school. This
will open for us a whole new language group for the ministry.

Our need is great. We need additional personal support. We need about
$20,000.00 extra for the needs of the office and travel. Michael will need
personal support and begin to collect for his language school in 2008. As
we did last year we would suggest that those churches that support us and
individuals that are interested in our ministry make a one-time gift to
defray the costs of the ministry. If 100 churches and people gave a gift of
$200.00 the need would be met. However, anything that can be done to help
will be a great encouragement to us and it will be used to further the
ministry of TNTI. Please pray as we ask for meetings in new churches that
they would be interested in supporting this needed work.

We simply ask that you go personally to everyone that you can reach.
We ask that you pray earnestly for TNTI Ministries.
We also ask that you give generously to further the cause of Christ.

Merry Christmas and may God richly bless you personally and in His Service.

Tim, Teresia and family

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Dear Friends and Co-Laborers

I just had to write and tell you of the blessing of our latest project.
Teresia went with me to El Salvador a few months back and saw first hand the
great work the Lord is doing there in that Central American country and the
church we were able to help begin. While visiting and ministering in San
Vicente she was made keenly aware of the physical need of many children.
Her heart was burdened and immediately upon returning to the US began to
coordinate a clothing collection ministry. In these several months we were
able to collect some 2,000 pieces of clothing from many of you. We shipped
1,500 pieces in the 64 cubit foot crate we had designed. We will ship the
rest on a future date as we collect more and see what the need is.
The shipping cost were also a part of this project. We projected as a
reasonable cost for the total shipment these numbers:
$487.00 Land and sea shipment
$163.00 Crate and materials
$150.00 Ground transportation in El Salvador
$160.00 Customs cost
The Lord blessed and some of these numbers were adjusted. We have been told
there will be no customs on our shipment. Also the transportation in El
Salvador will only be $100.00. The Lord has sent in $850.00. $750.00 are
the exact cost from our projection with $100.00 to cover any change in
shipment and cubit feet. We are excited about this new ministry and trust
God will continue to bless you in this Christmas season.

In His Service

Tim and Teresia

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Greetings in the name of our Lord

It is a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to publish to this blog. We are excited about the ministry that the Lord has given to us. We are a Fundamental Baptist ministry. Our purpose is to see souls saved and churches planted in the English and Spanish languages all over the world. We have been active in the countries of the United States of America, Mexico, and El Salvador. Just recently we were in the state of Tabasco, Mexico. We are to return in May of 2007. The pastor, Ignacio Caraveo, desires to see three new works established in his state using as a spring board conferences of evangelism and good Christian music. Please pray that God would continue to open these doors of service. Tim Hendricks Director/Founder


Greetings from TNTI Ministries

I wanted to just give all a welcome to this blog. We are a ministry that
attempts to do all possible to get the Gospel into all the world through the
preaching of the Word of God and encouraging all who know Jesus as personal
Savior to be faithful to witness to all. Much more will be written as we
test this new door. May God bless. Tim Hendricks Founder and Director

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