Aggressive Church Planting


TNTI Ministries was begun to plant independent, fundamental, Baptist churches, primarily in the Spanish language. The goal is to enter cities where God has opened the doors of endeavor with nationals already trained. The purpose is to provide on-the-field training in establishing churches for a period of time until the national worker can continue with a small group of new converts.

The method may change somewhat time to time and city to city but the main method will involve a major thrust into the city with nightly meetings and daily visitation. the national worker would be responsible himself to get support or a job in the city to sustain himself and his family. Support would be accomplished before arriving to the field, a job would be acquired upon entering the city. It is not our purpose to gather support for the national worker from American churches. The national pastor does a much better job with the culture and the language and is therefore much better suited to reaching his own people. This Pauline approach of leaving nationals with the works from the very beginning will be extremely productive.


Not only the planting of the churches but also the logistics to accomplish this task is important. Therefore, developing relations with Bible Institutes, Christian Universities and Baptist Churches that would have trained men for this task is essential. The years spent in cross-culture planting in Mexico has given good contact in relation to this aspect of the ministry. This must be expanded upon in order to have a steady stream of capable individuals to pastor these works. The Lord has opened doors for church planting already in central Mexico, Baja California, and the country of El Salvador.



The accumulating and development of materials is also necessary for the success of this type of ministry. Church planting not only consist of visitation and a gathering of people but of a consistent approach to Bible doctrine, Christian music, Christian living, and conquering sin. For this purpose, Tim Hendricks has developed a series of six Bible studies on the Salvation of Man, studies of Cornelius, Nicodemus, the Philippian Jailor, Paul, the Samaritan Woman, and Felix. A commentary on the Pastoral Epistles has also been written and a Spanish music CD has been recorded through HE Music. Two English CDs have also been produced in order to help finance more Spanish endeavors, “I Have Decided” and “Send the Light.” Other projects are in the works as well as gathering materials from national pastors in order to see a consistent teaching of the Word of God.

The Local Church

We believe strongly in the autonomy of the local church both in the U.S. and in the uttermost parts of the world. We will always honor the church and the pastor of any person serving with this ministry so that the movement of the Holy Spirit will have no impediment to accomplishing the will of the Father. Outward sin and/or doctrine deviation will result in dismissal from this ministry but discipline will be put into the hands of the pastor and deacons of the sending church.