Marching Forward

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors
Deuteronomy 5: 7   Thou shalt have no other gods before me.  No tendrás
dioses ajenos delante de mí.  Deuteronomio 5:7   This is one of the verses
that we are learning in the services here at La Iglesia Bautista Calvario.
Even though we live in a country where it is thought is overrun with “other gods”  I am convinced that this is one of the major problems that we have in the world of Christianity regardless of where we live.  The biggest of these “gods” is ourselves.  We want God’s blessings around the lives that we have chosen for ourselves.  We must remember that God many times changes the very basic components of our lives when we are saved.  Look at Peter.
We must, everyone who names the name of Christ, search the mind of God, His Book, and our hearts in order to come to a sincere understanding of what is God’s plan for our lives.  There are enough of us to reach our world for Christ and yet it is not being reached.  Our generation is our responsibility.  The problem is not that God is not calling it is that we are not responding to His grace moving in our hearts and lives to lead us to that one with whom He is working in order to bring them to the saving knowledge of Christ.
The church here in San Pancho is undergoing some relatively rough times.
We ask for your prayers for this work as we move forward.  The building that we have rented is a real blessing.  We thank the Lord for His provision.  The offerings do not cover the rent but with the Bible Institute classes we have been able to continue in the building. 
However the Institute is doing very well.  We have 35 students this semester and all seem to be excited about studying Scripture.  Tim is teaching 3 classes now in three different locations.  One class on Monday night is here in San Pancho.  Another class is on the south side of town at the Carmelo Baptist Church.  This class is on Sunday afternoon.  A third class is in a Brother’s home in town Aguascalientes.  This is a new group who have just invited Tim to come and begin to teach them.  It has been exciting to meet these new people and to see their great desire to know God’s word.  We are teaching two of the classes Bible Geography and the other class we are teaching Bible Doctrine.  Actually the one new group attend both classes so have two classes a week.  PTL!  It will be difficult leaving these people for a year and they are sad to postpone classes for the year. 
Our furlough year will begin in June of this year.  Actually it will take on a deputational fervor as we are in need of additional support.  Please pray with us that God would supply our needs of new support and we can return in 2015 with the ability to move forward in this great work.  We desire to move the Institute work into a central location so that the needs of these students can be met with greater availability.  I believe that many more can be taught if we attempt to ask for God’s direction in all of the logistics of founding a center of Biblical education in the very heart of Mexico.  God has given a unique opportunity here in Aguas and we believe that through His grace and provision we will see a beacon of Gospel light shining from here to all of Mexico and to all of Latin America.
If you would be interested in having us in to your churches and/or supporting this type of ministry please contact us a .  Many of your are our supporting churches and we would be honored to report with you while we are out.  Again please let us know of a schedule and we will work with you to share with you the blessings of “OUR” yours and ours, work here in Aguascalientes, Mexico.  Our website is  We have Paypal access there and other information that might be of interest to you.
Thank you all for your interest in reading this letter and we covet your prayers and need your support as the Lord might lead.
In His Service

Tim and Teresia Hendricks