Back to the USA in 2014

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners

Greetings from the Hendricks’ family.  We are writing at this time of year to offer our sincere prayers that each and every one of you have enjoyed the Christmas holiday and are prayerfully considering what God’s will for you might be for this year.

We are in New Mexico enjoying Michael and his family including our new granddaughter; Lilly Kate.  She is beautiful and was born on December 14th.  We will be returning to Alabama beginning tomorrow to be with Ashley and her new baby girl; Anastasia Kathrine who was born on December 20th.  Then back to Mexico for the semester’s Bible Institute Classes.  We will be teaching Bible Geography in both places where we hold the classes.  Pray with us that God will bring the students He desires for this semester.

The Calvary Baptist Church; La Iglesia Bautista Calvario, is doing well this year.  Our faithful have remained so and we have had some great opportunities to witness to many others.  Two ladies have been saved and after a witness with one gentleman he said, “I think you could teach something”.  He is a hard man with many ties to bad people in the past but is very concerned with his teenage daughters.  Pray that God will continue to work in his life and in all that the people we have had the opportunity to speak to of the truth of salvation.

After returning to Mexico at the end of our last year-long furlough in 2008 we have tried to do some travelling in the summer between semesters.  It has become evident that we have not visited all of our churches and with a great need to do some deputation-style meetings we have decided to spend a year in the states beginning in June 2014.

We thank God for all of you who have supported us for all of these years and we desire to be with all of you in the next year.  Many of you know that we surrendered to missions in 1986 and have been active on the field since 1990.  We would love to share that experience with you in mission’s conferences, Sunday meetings, and/or mid-week services.  We have actually two presentations that explain our ministry and then our practice.  We would appreciate your consideration.

We will be seeking new churches also to present our ministry for support.  Pray with us that God would open these doors.  If any would forward us recommendations we would be most grateful.  Because of our years in Spanish we would also enter in churches in Spanish.  Our heart’s desire is to forward the idea of church-planting around the world.  Many of you know that we have entered into established churches and taught them of their responsibility to not only reach their Jerusalem and the uttermost part of the world, but to also reach their Samaria and Judea.  The Lord has blessed this ministry and we would be very glad to present this truths with any here in the States.

We truly pray that God will greatly bless you and your church in this new year.  Pray for us as we make our plans and begin our travel in 2014.

In His Service

Tim and Teresia Hendricks