A Real Joy to Have Grandsons in Aguas

grandsonsMany of you have written and asked how we are and we appreciate your concern and your prayers. We are doing fine and have been here in Mexico for a couple of months. Alisha, Jonathon, Levi, and Caleb were here with us for a month with Teresia’s Mom and Aunt. We are now alone in the house and getting some much needed rest. We have been busy with an ordination service for Alex Martinez, a special service at Trinity Baptist Church and a Marriage Conference at Peniel Baptist Church. Tim’s blood pressure and cholesterol are in good shape and he is trying to know his body and how it is responding to different situations.
We will be rescheduling our meetings with churches beginning in October. We are in PA and Mass in that month and would be grateful to have a meeting with you that are in the northeast. We will not be staying out for months at a time but rather will come back to our home and then go again until we see how Tim does. Thanks again for your prayers.


Alex Martinez was about 1 when we started the Trinity Baptist Church. A real blessing to see what God is doing in his life.
Teresia and I are very blessed to have been given another opportunity to serve our Lord together.
marriage conferene
The Marriage Conference was well attended with 31 couples. Victor Nava and I shared the podium and many rededicated their love one to the other with some accepting the Lord as Savior