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.Teresia and I are enjoying being in Pennsylvania. We had our Board of Directors Meeting and were greatly encouraged with the excitement in the group. Some of the things discussed will be featured in the “From the Board of Directors” section of this newsletter. We are enjoying also being with many of you that have been a part of this ministry for many years and some of you since the beginning. We still have many miles to go and several churches to visit. We ask that you pray for us for safety as we travel and power in the preaching of the Gospel and the outreach of missions. Mexico has suffered much in the last several years with the drug war that is waging as well as recently with the hurricanes and earthquakes. We were not negatively affected in our home or state but much of Mexico has been devastated. Please pray for Mexico in these days that God would be glorified in many hearts. On Monday we will make our way south to Florida and finally to Tennessee. After holidays with family we will return to Mexico in January. The small group that we have in San Pancho is remaining faithful and growing. Yonathon is preaching and Raul is helping with the logistics of keeping everything going forward. Please pray that God would continue to open doors there in San Pancho. In His Service
Tim and Teresia Hendricks
** From the Board of Directors ————————————————————
We are grateful for God’s faithfulness through His people. The current needs of the ministry are: —$3,000.00 for the express purpose of emergency exit from Mexico, for safety, health reasons, or family emergencies. The board brought this up and suggested that this be raised as quickly as possible. —$130.00 to $150.00 for ink for the printers as we do much of our own printing for the teaching of God’s Word. —$150.00 for print heads for the printer. —$500.00 for tires for the 2007 Ford Freestar in Mexico. —Health Insurance is being checked on in Mexico and the U.S.A. The donate button is for your convenience or you can send a check to TNTI Ministries, P.O. Box 81336, Simpsonville, SC. 29681. Please mark “For” and the item you wish to send. Thank you for your consideration and help with these needs. We are very grateful for all that you have done and continue to do for the Hendricks family and TNTI Ministries.
Board of Directors Tim Hendricks Founder of TNTI, Missionary in Latin America Dr. Thomas Coleman Pastor Calvary Ind. Baptist Church Huntingdon, PA Dr. Glen Browder Missionary in Bolivia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Retired Michael Hendricks J.D., Founder of Hendricks Law, M. of Business. Ben Everson Evangelist, Ben Everson Ministries, Musician, Author
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June 2017

Prayer Letter June, 2017 > Teresia and I are grateful to the Lord and to all of you for faithfulness. This month we celebrate 31 years of dedication of our lives to the mission field. In June of 1986 we knew that the Lord was calling us to serve Him as missionaries. We immediately began searching for the place and time of our service. In the summer of 1987 we felt God’s leading to Mexico and it has been our goal since to glorify His name in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries with our lives. Thank you to all of you who have been with us (some of you) since the beginning. > Our small group here in San Francisco de los Romo is growing spiritually and we are encouraged by their faithfulness. We have four families that are coming. We have been presenting a series of “¿Por Qué Importa?” or “Why is this important?” Sin, Jesus, Good works, are among the subjects that we have covered. The comments after the lessons have been great. Thank you for your prayers. > We are still without a vehicle but are using our bicycles for things around town here. We were able to sell the 2006 Toyota Matrix and cleared $1,800.00. We have had some who have contributed and again we are very grateful. However, it is not enough yet to buy a good used car. There are some small possibilities we are looking at and we appreciate your prayers. > Things have been quiet here in our state and we are secure. PTL! The states to our north and south are still dangerous and we are careful to be out of those states before dark. We appreciate greatly your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for our safety because “all men have not the faith”. > Please continue to pray for our health. We both are feeling fine but are not getting any younger. We are both having much needed dental work which is much less expensive here but still cost. We both need lab work done and will be making those plans in the next few weeks. > Also pray for Amanda as per neccesity she is scheduled for a mammogram on Thursday the 8th. We are praying that the evidence of the need would be nothing serious. > Teresia and I will be taking several months of furlough this fall and winter. We have our directors meeting in Oct. and will take advantage of the time out to give report to all who would like us to drop by. Please let us know if that would be an encouragement to you and your church. My email address is: < <>> and our phone number here in Mexico, (a MajicJack) is 864-498-7073. > Thank you all again for your prayers and encouragement. > > In His Service > > Tim and Teresia Hendricks

A Real Joy to Have Grandsons in Aguas

grandsonsMany of you have written and asked how we are and we appreciate your concern and your prayers. We are doing fine and have been here in Mexico for a couple of months. Alisha, Jonathon, Levi, and Caleb were here with us for a month with Teresia’s Mom and Aunt. We are now alone in the house and getting some much needed rest. We have been busy with an ordination service for Alex Martinez, a special service at Trinity Baptist Church and a Marriage Conference at Peniel Baptist Church. Tim’s blood pressure and cholesterol are in good shape and he is trying to know his body and how it is responding to different situations.
We will be rescheduling our meetings with churches beginning in October. We are in PA and Mass in that month and would be grateful to have a meeting with you that are in the northeast. We will not be staying out for months at a time but rather will come back to our home and then go again until we see how Tim does. Thanks again for your prayers.


Alex Martinez was about 1 when we started the Trinity Baptist Church. A real blessing to see what God is doing in his life.
Teresia and I are very blessed to have been given another opportunity to serve our Lord together.
marriage conferene
The Marriage Conference was well attended with 31 couples. Victor Nava and I shared the podium and many rededicated their love one to the other with some accepting the Lord as Savior

We Ask for Your Prayers as God Leads

Dear Friends and Co-Laborers

Greetings from San Pancho.  We are enjoying beautiful weather here in the state of Aguascalientes and are blessed to be used of God in this place.  We are excited to share with you the particular blessings of God in the last month.

The Oasis Baptist Bible Institute has stayed full of students and they are working hard to study and to keep up with the assignments.  This Sunday and Monday will be the next test in Biblical Geography and map work is not easy.  I am, however thrilled to see their increased knowledge of the subject as well as the great desire they have to learn.  Some of the students participated in a missionary excursion for two weeks down in the state of Chiapas.  As I understand it, the experience was intense and eye-opening as they were able to see the need in other areas of their own country.  The goal of the Oasis Baptist Bible Institute is to train national workers for spiritual leadership in their city, state, country, and the world.  We offer training for their minds, and teach self-discipline for their lives, but this ministry affects their heart.  All three are necessary for effective spiritual leadership.  The Trinity Baptist church here in Aguas provided the opportunity as we work hand in hand to train these students.

The Calvary Baptist Mission has had some rough times recently and we are praying that God would accomplish His will here in San Pancho.  Family trials and work-related trips out of the country have depleted our numbers totally.  However, Praise the Lord, we had four accept Christ as Savior last Monday.  We are excited about the new Christians and  pray the God would continue to work in their hearts.

Tim was invited to speak at a sister church here in Aguas on the subject of matrimony emphasizing the relationship of the couple.  The young people took care of the children and only married couples were present.  There was a session for just men and for the women every night, then a congregational meeting for the couples together.  The verse was from Song of Solomon 8: 7a; Many waters cannot quench love,.  What a challenge!  The Lord blessed and I found the subject of all the messages in verses 6 and 7.  All was well received and the testimonies on Sunday night around a camp fire were sweet and yet very telling on our need to spend more time teaching on the principles of the couple in marriage.

On a personal note; Teresia has developed a large hernia in her abdominal wall because of the gallbladder surgery she had about 19 months ago.  The doctor has asked her to lose weight as we anticipate the surgery in August to put a mesh in and repair the hernia.  She is doing great and will be preparing for the surgery.  She will have the surgery here in Aguas and the cost will be about $2,300.00 according to information just received from the surgeon.  This is less than the cost of the deductible of an insurance policy in the States. We are praising the Lord for His goodness.  We would ask that you pray with us about this financial need between now and August.  Tim is to have cataract surgery in November.  St. Luke’s Eye Institute has offered us a 50% discount on the procedure and we are very grateful.  The cost for the surgery including health exam, surgery, and glasses is about $2,000.00.  Again pray with us about this financial need and the upcoming surgeries.

We will be in the states for furlough during this time.  Pray for our safety as we travel and for additional support for our labors.

In His Service
Tim and Teresia Hendricks 

Marching Forward

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors
Deuteronomy 5: 7   Thou shalt have no other gods before me.  No tendrás
dioses ajenos delante de mí.  Deuteronomio 5:7   This is one of the verses
that we are learning in the services here at La Iglesia Bautista Calvario.
Even though we live in a country where it is thought is overrun with “other gods”  I am convinced that this is one of the major problems that we have in the world of Christianity regardless of where we live.  The biggest of these “gods” is ourselves.  We want God’s blessings around the lives that we have chosen for ourselves.  We must remember that God many times changes the very basic components of our lives when we are saved.  Look at Peter.
We must, everyone who names the name of Christ, search the mind of God, His Book, and our hearts in order to come to a sincere understanding of what is God’s plan for our lives.  There are enough of us to reach our world for Christ and yet it is not being reached.  Our generation is our responsibility.  The problem is not that God is not calling it is that we are not responding to His grace moving in our hearts and lives to lead us to that one with whom He is working in order to bring them to the saving knowledge of Christ.
The church here in San Pancho is undergoing some relatively rough times.
We ask for your prayers for this work as we move forward.  The building that we have rented is a real blessing.  We thank the Lord for His provision.  The offerings do not cover the rent but with the Bible Institute classes we have been able to continue in the building. 
However the Institute is doing very well.  We have 35 students this semester and all seem to be excited about studying Scripture.  Tim is teaching 3 classes now in three different locations.  One class on Monday night is here in San Pancho.  Another class is on the south side of town at the Carmelo Baptist Church.  This class is on Sunday afternoon.  A third class is in a Brother’s home in town Aguascalientes.  This is a new group who have just invited Tim to come and begin to teach them.  It has been exciting to meet these new people and to see their great desire to know God’s word.  We are teaching two of the classes Bible Geography and the other class we are teaching Bible Doctrine.  Actually the one new group attend both classes so have two classes a week.  PTL!  It will be difficult leaving these people for a year and they are sad to postpone classes for the year. 
Our furlough year will begin in June of this year.  Actually it will take on a deputational fervor as we are in need of additional support.  Please pray with us that God would supply our needs of new support and we can return in 2015 with the ability to move forward in this great work.  We desire to move the Institute work into a central location so that the needs of these students can be met with greater availability.  I believe that many more can be taught if we attempt to ask for God’s direction in all of the logistics of founding a center of Biblical education in the very heart of Mexico.  God has given a unique opportunity here in Aguas and we believe that through His grace and provision we will see a beacon of Gospel light shining from here to all of Mexico and to all of Latin America.
If you would be interested in having us in to your churches and/or supporting this type of ministry please contact us a .  Many of your are our supporting churches and we would be honored to report with you while we are out.  Again please let us know of a schedule and we will work with you to share with you the blessings of “OUR” yours and ours, work here in Aguascalientes, Mexico.  Our website is  We have Paypal access there and other information that might be of interest to you.
Thank you all for your interest in reading this letter and we covet your prayers and need your support as the Lord might lead.
In His Service

Tim and Teresia Hendricks

Back to the USA in 2014

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners

Greetings from the Hendricks’ family.  We are writing at this time of year to offer our sincere prayers that each and every one of you have enjoyed the Christmas holiday and are prayerfully considering what God’s will for you might be for this year.

We are in New Mexico enjoying Michael and his family including our new granddaughter; Lilly Kate.  She is beautiful and was born on December 14th.  We will be returning to Alabama beginning tomorrow to be with Ashley and her new baby girl; Anastasia Kathrine who was born on December 20th.  Then back to Mexico for the semester’s Bible Institute Classes.  We will be teaching Bible Geography in both places where we hold the classes.  Pray with us that God will bring the students He desires for this semester.

The Calvary Baptist Church; La Iglesia Bautista Calvario, is doing well this year.  Our faithful have remained so and we have had some great opportunities to witness to many others.  Two ladies have been saved and after a witness with one gentleman he said, “I think you could teach something”.  He is a hard man with many ties to bad people in the past but is very concerned with his teenage daughters.  Pray that God will continue to work in his life and in all that the people we have had the opportunity to speak to of the truth of salvation.

After returning to Mexico at the end of our last year-long furlough in 2008 we have tried to do some travelling in the summer between semesters.  It has become evident that we have not visited all of our churches and with a great need to do some deputation-style meetings we have decided to spend a year in the states beginning in June 2014.

We thank God for all of you who have supported us for all of these years and we desire to be with all of you in the next year.  Many of you know that we surrendered to missions in 1986 and have been active on the field since 1990.  We would love to share that experience with you in mission’s conferences, Sunday meetings, and/or mid-week services.  We have actually two presentations that explain our ministry and then our practice.  We would appreciate your consideration.

We will be seeking new churches also to present our ministry for support.  Pray with us that God would open these doors.  If any would forward us recommendations we would be most grateful.  Because of our years in Spanish we would also enter in churches in Spanish.  Our heart’s desire is to forward the idea of church-planting around the world.  Many of you know that we have entered into established churches and taught them of their responsibility to not only reach their Jerusalem and the uttermost part of the world, but to also reach their Samaria and Judea.  The Lord has blessed this ministry and we would be very glad to present this truths with any here in the States.

We truly pray that God will greatly bless you and your church in this new year.  Pray for us as we make our plans and begin our travel in 2014.

In His Service

Tim and Teresia Hendricks

Important Update

Our hearts are truly humbled as we contemplate the goodness of our God as we have had the privilege of serving our LORD here in the country of Mexico as well as opportunities to preach and to minister in other countries.  Yesterday; August 6, we celebrated being here in Mexico as missionaries for 23 years.  We crossed the border with the singular mission of learning a new language in order to preach and teach the Word of God to the people that God would give us.  We are excited about the successes we have experienced and challenged by the great need still around us.  
It is with great gratitude to all of you who have had our backs spiritually in prayer and physically in your financial assistance and encouraging words.  Many of you have been with us since we surrendered to the mission field back in 1986 or soon thereafter.  We are thankful to you and to our Lord for your faithfulness.  We have seen small churches become independent bodies with national pastors.  We have had the opportunity to start churches and these also are up and growing, independent and autonomous, with national pastors.  We helped to start a Bible Institute that now still exists under the auspices of a national work.  We have had the pleasure of seeing men that we trained become Pastors and leaders in these churches.  
We now have new Institute classes in two different areas where men and women are learning and putting their education into teaching others.  We have written a book on Pastoral Epistles, personal work studies of salvation, translated workbooks and created curriculum for university studies, and are in the process of asking the Lord to help us to establish a learning center for advance Biblical training.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers as the world around us in constantly changing. 
One of the factors that are changing in the world of missions today is the extreme lack of finances.  Many that we have heard of are suffering lack of funds and many are returning to the States to try and increase their support base.  This has also touched our ministry here.  We have never actually been up to full support but have continued to do the work here and learned to live and work with the funds available.  
However, we are feeling the effects severely and will be out for two months this year; September, November, in order to also seek an increase of base support.  We are not complaining as we have seen the hand of the Lord working in our lives and in our ministry in miraculous ways.  That by definition is His Grace.  Our faith has increased and our gratitude to all is enormous.  We do believe it to be prudent, however, to do some deputational style meetings.  We are to be in several “new” churches during these weeks.
Another factor is the security of our world today.  Mexico has seen its share of difficulties in the last few years as more have been killed here than in the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan combined.  Many have left.  We have sought the Lord’s will also as it pertains to the danger around us.  The Lord has given us peace in staying and continuing our ministry.  Again many are still here and pressing on.  My father’s quote that has been a major factor in the life of his children has been, “keep on keeping on”.  Amen!
The Calvary Mission is doing well.  On Sunday we had 18 in attendance.  I think that counting the number of nationals it was the highest number we have had.  We praise the Lord for His goodness.  On Tuesday two ladies that made professions of faith were in attendance and we were excited to see them.  Everyone listened well as we spoke of being ‘revived’ and being ‘quickened’ in Psalm 119: 33-40.  The words in the Spanish text are ‘avívame” and ‘vivifícame’.  
On Sundays we are studying the book of I Timothy.  The memory verse for this week is I Timothy 3:16.  We sent four youth to camp this year.  Because of the ministry of The Least of These we were able to help them with the cost.  Teresia and Alisha head this up with Alisha doing the work of collecting and managing the gifts given and changing them into money to be sent here for the children, those in need, and the elderly as the Lord blesses.  Many of you also helped as we were able to meet the need of some here in our town because of a severe flood that hit our community.  Through the years we have also helped many in El Salvador with the children as well as those who were affected by a hurricane. 
The Oasis Bible Institute is also progressing.  The classes here in San Pancho have finished for the semester and the classes on the south side of Aguascalientes are in the final two weeks.  We actually have increased in number during the semester.  This is unusual and to say the least a very pleasant surprise.  Because of our being out for the two months we will begin classes again in January.  It is a very difficult decision to leave the work with no one to be in charge.  Please pray that God will continue to work in the lives of the new Christians as well as the Institute students.
Teresia and I are well and we want to thank the many of you who helped in the recent need of oral surgery for Teresia.  There was extra so that we will be able to continue dental work for Teresia.  We are grateful.  I am in need of another cataract surgery on the other eye.  This one does not seem to affect my vision as much as the last.  It is however ‘ripe’ and ready for removal. 

We again desire to express our joy at serving our Lord for these many years and our prayer is that we might continue is God’s will as He gives us breath.

Thump Your Bibles!

Dear Friends and Fellow-Laborers
Greetings from sunny Mexico.  We are enjoying these days here in the late winter and early spring.  The Lord has, as always, been good to the Hendricks’ family and blessed us with spiritual and physical blessings.  Many years at this time of year the weather in the mornings are very cool and Easter morning is downright cold.  This year however the mornings are at about 50 degrees and the days are warming up to the mid 80’s. 
We also are enjoying Ben and Amanda here with us with their four children.  The house is no longer quiet and being alone is no longer an option.  Ben has been helping in the ministry of the church and the Bible Institute while he is learning Spanish.  On last Tuesday, because Teresia and I had to return to the border to do some permit requirements, he spoke in the mid-week service.  I understand that he was understood and that is great. 
The month of February was a really down month here at the Calvary Baptist Mission.  Everyone was sick and it seemed to stay in each family for weeks.  There was a lot of times that the Hendricks’ family were the only ones present.  However, March has brought wellness and good attendance.  I was the only one sick in March so far and it lasted for about 4 days.  I thank the Lord I did not have to miss a service at church but I did cancel one class of the Institute.  Ben has been teaching chorus on Monday nights and leading the singing on all service nights.  He is also offering individual voice classes and many have taken advantage of this opportunity.  Amanda translates for him in the individual classes.  The Pastoral Epistles classes are going very well.  Our numbers are increasing and the students are showing great interest. 
This Sunday is of course Easter.  I will be speaking on “Lift up the Cross”.  We will be sharing the Sunday services with the Independent Baptist Church of Aguascalientes, the Independent Baptist Church of Lazaro Cardenas, and the Independent Baptist Church of La Providencia.  Ben has been working with several churches on a cantata and Pepe is working with the drama side.  We will be at the property in La Providencia which is the camp Gilgal also.  It is a beautiful piece of property with a compliment of buildings adequate for our service of adoration to our Lord on the day of His resurrection.  I am also as a part of the Institute offering an English class on Saturdays.  This was more of filling a need in the job requirements of a student in the Pastoral Epistles class.
Teresia and I celebrated 37 years of marriage on the 19th.   This was the same time as our trip to the border and we were going to enjoy our few day alone.  However, this was the exact days of when I was sick and really sicker than I have been in years.  We had things we had to do and I struggled through that but was in bed almost the whole three days.  We thank the Lord for His watch-care and that I am now doing much better.  I do want to say as testimony to all that I would not be the man doing the work that I do were it not for the faithfulness of my wife over these many years.  She truly is a blessing to me and to the ministry here in Mexico.  I say many times whether in Mexico or in the states that people normally put up with me and love Teresia.  I understand.  I love her too.
We would ask you to pray for us in these months.  The monthly income has seemingly suffered somewhat especially in the last two months.  That which I received for March was low and so far for the month of April the trend seemingly has continued.  We would appreciate your prayers. 
May God bless you all richly as we consider the greatness of the power demonstrated in the resurrection and the realization that that is the power to free us from our sins.  Lift up the cross my brothers and sisters and show forth the power of God unto salvation to a lost and dying world.  To leave us with a comment from recent events I wanted to say Amen to a statement made recently in actuality meant to be a criticism.  On the argument for traditional marriage someone said that a multitude of arguments had been made for expanding the definition of marriage.  He stated that all the opposition had done was to “thump their Bibles”.  AMEN!  Lift up the cross.  Thump your Bible.  Therein is power.
In His Service
Tim and Teresia Hendricks

Planting & Harvesting

Dear Friends and Co-Laborers
January has offered us incredible weather and beautiful skies here in Aguascalientes.  The winter for us has been mild and we are grateful for it.  Teresia and I have planted some fruit trees here in our yard and this year some are to begin to produce.  The milder winter has given them a strong root system and did not freeze the limbs.  We are excited about our harvest.  We also have some 80 grape vines that should give fruit this year.  It is a marvelous thing to be able to see the fruit pods begin to bloom and then to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. 
This may seem not to be the information that one would expect from a missionary.  However, there is a purpose.  Teresia and I have been working for years to plant the seed of the Gospel and to cultivate a rich harvest here in San Pancho for the Lord.  It has been our desire to help build a deep root system with a broad base with a variety of harvest that will allow fruit to be harvested for years even after the Lord chooses to call us home. 
I have just celebrated 57 years of life this month and in March Teresia and I will celebrate 37 years of marriage.  We have now spent 22 years of that in Mexico where we have labored and have seen the Lord’s hand work in marvelous ways.  Some fields are producing all on their own, some have had time for strengthening and are ready to begin producing, and we have now seen seed take root and flowers are beginning to bloom on the fruit pods. 
The Trinity Baptist Church is strong and producing on its own.  Pastor Edgar is doing a good job and just recently was married and able to take full control of the church and all of its ministries.  The Bible Institute (The Oasis) is becoming stronger and the roots of learning and the desire to learn are deepening.  We are teaching chorus on Monday nights.  Ben Everson is here with Amanda and my grandchildren.  The people are excited about having them here and Ben is teaching the music classes.  I am translating.  We have about 23 students on Monday nights.  
He is also helping Hermano Pepe Valadez with an Easter cantata and several churches will attend on Easter morning.  He is also teaching music in another church-plant that is pastored by Hermano Pepe.  While here he is learning Spanish.  In the church Monte Carmelo on the other side of the the city of Aguascalientes we have about 10 to 12 students and they are studying with me Pastoral Epistles.  This is a study that I wrote and have used in various parts of Mexico.  Some may try to add the two groups together and come up with 33 or so different students.  Actually, the ten that are with us on Sunday night also come tot the Monday classes.  That is definite deepening of the roots.  
The Calvary Mission here in San Pancho has had some strengthening also.  We have been able to rent a building for our services and to put a new face on our desire to reach all of San Pancho.  As with our fruit trees, the last few months have given needed warmth and showers of blessings.  Cold days always come but for now we have seen some great growth in this season of good weather. 
We had 23 on our first day of services in the new store front.  Pictures of the building are onthe Taking Necessary Truths International Ministries facebook.
However, the increased ministry has brought to our attention needs of the ministry.  The $2,000.00 pesos ($160.00 dollars) per month is a great need.  The church is collecting some of that money in the tithes and offerings, and we take the money that comes in from the Institute to help offset the cost.  We are needing new hymnbooks for the churches.  They will purchase the books but the logistics of getting them to the border, going to get them, etc. is a concern.  We are to need between the various churches about 30.  This is an approximation.  We are using the Himnos Majestuosos from Majesty Music. 
We wanted to end by simply saying THANKS to all of you who have been a part of the ministry of TNTI.  We can not do and could not have done the things that we have been privileged to accomplish without you.  That also means that we will not be able to continue to do what we do without you.  Please pray that God will have His way and do His will here in Aguascalientes, Mexico, in these difficult but rewarding days.
In His Service
Tim and Teresia Hendricks